oyechi You know I’m a tsundere so don’t take the message too personally xD. Happy birthday my dear sister I hope that you have a wonderful time and that you like this creation of mine. I think I did a pretty nice job for my first edit. Do you like my cutie selection? I picked them up especially for you.^^ I know we may fight from time to time but please keep in mind that I never really mean the things that I say to you when I’m upset…just know that if I ever do say anything over the top its because you’ve actually hurt my feelings. Keep a close watch on me ‘cause I tend to hide what I actually mean (conceal don’t feel, haha.) Lastly, I just want to say: thank you for being my sister. Thank you for always accepting my tough love, for always being there; for just being you. Love ya. 

My doodles and works. BL included. Oh and kpop. Lots of kpop fanart (especially VIXX)
~pualidragon12 @ dA